What You Can Do

Sign up to be a member of UNITED IN DEFENSE OF THE WATER by registering your name to follow our posts. Your name will be added to the list of growing citizens who are taking action to defend the water and you will receive updates on breaking news.

Understand the urgency around this issue. Read up on the mining issues at Wisconsin Citizens Media Coop for continuing cover of the issues since December 2011. The damage from this mining bill will cause irreparable damage to the land, air and water quality of the entire State dramatically affecting our agriculture, economy and public health.

Download a free ebook, STEAL THIS BOOK, NOT MY VOTE Handbook for the Wisconsin Nonviolent Revolution. In it is an overview of how we got here, as well as how we will take action to defend ourselves and the water against the hostile corporate takeover.

Download the graphic on the right and put the name of your town or county’s name across the top. Print it out and post it in your front window or as a yard sign. Use it in your Social Media.

CONTINUE TO TELL ALL LEGISLATORS NO TO A MINE IN THE PENOKEES and to REPEAL THE NEW MINING LAW . Send this link to Representatives and Senators and demand they  join too. Write them every day demanding they change the law. Use the information and links on this site. Overwhelm them with tweets, Facebook, email, snail mail, texts. Keeping public pressure on is essential.

Become a citizen journalist by passing along the information to other concerned citizens who may not know what is taking place in the Wisconsin legislature and the dire threat to the state’s resources. Forward this information to as many people in your network as you can. Get them to join UDW and inspire them to tell others to take action, too.

Contact the Press. Write Letters to the Editor of online and print publications using this information. Write to reporters and tell them to cover this story.

Join a protest, movement or event that stands in support of the water:
Save the Water’s Edge
Penokee Hills Education Project
Click on Donate to Bad River Legal Defense Fund

Hold a discussion group in your home of close friends to inform and inspire direct action.

Host Frank Koehn, Al Geddick and/or Pete Rasmussen from Save the Water’s Edge for an educational on the issues. savethewatersedge @ gmail.com

Contact Ashland and Iron County Board Members and tell them we will not allow them to destroy our resources.

Invite Iron County to join forces to protect the water.

Take an outreach trip to Hurley to find allies in protecting the water.

Change the discussion from jobs to water. Keep the message about protecting the water.

Enjoy the beauty of the Lake Superior Basin. Come visit the Penokees and go on a guided tour to the headwaters. Come camp out in Copper Falls. Use it or lose it!

Leave other ideas in the comment section below.

2 thoughts on “What You Can Do

  1. When this abominable bill is signed into law, the first course of action is to arrest all those who voted for and signed it into law and try them for treason. The act of being complicit in the destruction of our greatest natural resource for private profit is the work of domestic enemies of the People and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

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