The Horse’s Mouth


Here are some videos of hearings, testimony and proof that not only will SB1/AB1 destroy the economy, environment and spiritual health of the Lake Superior basin, but that the new mining bill will remove local controls and allow mining companies to destroy all the waters of the State.

Joint Finance Committee, February 25, 2013

Environment Damage is presumed to be necessary

Republicans argued against including an amendment that would ensure health protections

DNR is only a permitting agency, not a regulatory agency

Don’t tax the company, tax the workers

Alberta Darling tried to divert attention from her complicity but Richards and Mason prove her to be lying.

February 27, 2013 Press Conference
After mining bill passed the Senate, Sen. Fitzgerald admits that no one would sponsor the bill but Sen. Tiffany

February 27, 2013 Sen. Cowles runs from his constituents

February 9, 2013 Farmers living at the base of the mine depend on the water

Tom Fitz, Geologist, testifies at Ashland Listening Session

Bob Tammem, former miner from Minnesota, testifies about the truth of iron ore mining

January 23, 2013 Committee on Jobs hearing testimony regarding SB1/AB1
Mike Wiggins Jr. warns of genocide

February 2012 UW-Madison
Bad River Tribal Chair Mike Wiggins Jr. talks about DNR’s Cathy Stepp and Gunderson

Republicans are traitors to the Constitution

October 2011 Natural Resources Committee Hearing in AB24, Wetlands Deregulation
DNR testifies on its lack of information

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