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United in Defense of the Water

P.O. Box 153
La Pointe, WI 54850

unitedindefenseofthewater at

6 thoughts on “Contact Us

    • Eileen, go to this page and get some ideas, there is so much!

      Also, here is the page with the proof of what has happened. Use it when writing letters to the editor, posting beneath media articles about mining that does not tell the truth, keep pressuring legislators to repel the law, get involved with a civil disobedience group, come to Bad River pot lucks. Look at our resources and suggest more…and stay tuned.

  1. I am but an old decrepit bag of bones with scant knowledge but I will do what I can July 1st in Hurley and march with you people in the name of common sense and peacfull disobedience to protect what is ours and the next generations. I will stand tall and proud shoulder to shoulder with any human in position to what is happening in your land, I will not pass judgement on those who know no better. seek your spirit sohnyone

  2. There’s an upcoming hearing with the DNR on August 15 from 1-8pm at the High School in Hurley, wisc. It sounds like the town of Hurley wants very much to have this mine. They feel they have a long history with mining and they feel it will bring jobs back to their town. Will you be there??

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