Contact The Press

Professional press has been woefully incompetent in reporting the truth of the mining bill and the region. Too many of them are controlled by editors who are influenced by the corporate standards. Why is the subject of our videos not being seen on the nightly state news stations or read about in the paper? This is the very information that is being kept from average citizens by the corporate press that would sway them to stand and defend the water and the State.

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Below is a list of some media outlets around the state. The first group are the largest outlets, and below that is a list by county.

This list is a works in progress. Some contact information  may not be accurate. If you use it and find it is no longer applicable, please leave a comment with the corrections.

Contact them and demand that they tell the truth. Provide them links to our videos and news stories. Tell your story. Make them hear and make them report. If they don’t, complain to their editors. That is what they are there for.

We must keep putting heavy pressure on the press to get our story out. This mining bill affects the water of the entire state. Pass this information to others.


Associated Press
AP National headquarters
Todd Richmond, Wisconsin
George Garties, Regional Chief of Bureau
(312) 781-0500

The Wisconsin State Journal
Clay Barbour

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
608.258.2262 / 608.258.2274
Jason Stein
Patrick Marley

Green Bay Press Gazette
News Room in Green Bay
Wheeler Reports
Gwyn Guenther
Bill Lueders
blueders@isthmus.comThe Capital Times
252-6445 or 258-8028 252-6429 (Press Room-main line)

Tony Galli
Wisconsin Public Radio
263-4358 / 263-7985 (newsroom)
BARRON     Barron News Shield    Eric Quade     715.537.3117BARRON     Cumberland Advocate  Paul Bucher     715.822.4469BARRON     Rice Lake Chronotype Sam Finazzo     715.234.2121BARRON     Chetek Alert     Jeremy A. Jensen     715.924.4118BROWN WDUZ AM 1400     920.468.4100BROWN WGBA TV 26 (NBC)     920.494.2626BROWN WLUK TV 11 (Fox)   Juli Buehler     920.494.8711

BROWN WPNE FM 89.3 (NPR)  Lisa Nalbandian     920.465.2444

BROWN WBAY TV 2 (ABC) Tom McCarey     920.432.3331

BUFFALO     Arcadia News Leader     Jessica Shawley     608.323.3366

BURNETT     Burnett County Sentinel    Byron Higgin     715.463.2341

BURNETT     Sawyer County Record     Paul Mitchell     715.634.4881

BURNETT     Washburn County Register     Gary King     715.468.2314

CALUMET     Brillion News  Chris Havel     920.756.2222

CALUMET     Chilton Times Journal     Brenda Zupke     920.849.4551

CHIPPEWA     Bloomer Advance     Barry Hoff     715.568.3100

CHIPPEWA     Chippewa Herald     Ross Evavold     715.723.5515

CHIPPEWA     Stanley Republican     John McLoone     715.644.5452

COLUMBIA     Lodi Enterprise     Jennifer Fetterly     608.592.3261

COLUMBIA     Lodi Valley News Gary N-ski     608.592.5925

COLUMBIA     Portage Daily Register   Jason Maddux     608.745.3500

CRAWFORD     Prairie du Chien Courier Press     Sandy Vold     608.326.2441

DANE     DeForest Times Tribune  Dana Spychalla     608.846.5576

DANE     Fitchburg Star  Kurt Gutknecht     608.845.9559

DANE In Business Madison Magazine     Heather Skyler     608.204.9655

DANE     Isthmus (AAN)   Marc Eisen     608.251.5627

DANE     Madison Northside News     Dana Slowiak     608.661.0060

DANE     Middleton Times Tribune     Matt Geiger     608.836.1601

DANE News Sickle Arrow     John Donaldson     608.767.3655

DANE     Oregon Observer Bill Livick     608.835.6677

DANE Sun Prairie Star     Christopher Mertes     608.837.2521

DANE UW Madison Badger Herald     608.257.4712

DANE     Verona Press  Jim Ferolie     608.845.9559

DANE     Waunakee Tribune     Roberta Baumann     608.849.5227

DANE WBUW TV 57     Dave Shelly     608.270.5700

DANE WHA AM 970 (NPR)     Michael Leland     608.263.3970

DANE WHA TV 21 (PBS)     Michael Leland     608.263.2121

DANE WHLA TV 31 (PBS)     Michael Leland     608.263.2121

DANE WHWC TV 28 (PBS)     608.263.2121

DANE WKOW TV 27 (ABC)     Perry Boxx     608.274.1234

DANE WLEF TV 36 (PBS)     608.263.2121

DANE WMSN TV 47 (Fox) Perry Boxx     608.833.0047

DANE WMTV TV 15 (NBC)     608.274.1515

DANE WPNE TV 38 (PBS)     Michael Leland     608.263.2121

DANE WRHM TV 20 (PBS)     608.263.2121

DANE     Associated Press (AP) Madison Wisconsin      Scott Bauer     608.258.9235

DANE     Maximum Ink Magazine     608.245.0781

DANE UW Madison Daily Cardinal     608.262.8000

DANE WISC TV 3 (CBS)    Colin Benedict     608.273.3333

DODGE Dodge County Independent News         Thomas Schulzt     920.386.2421

DODGE     Beaver Dam Daily Citizen   Jim Kelsh     920.887.0321

DOOR Door County Magazine  Jon Gast     800.500.5321

DOOR Door County Advocate Patti Rasmussen     920.743.3321

DOOR     Washington Island Observer     920.847.2661

DOUGLAS     KUWS FM 91.3  Mike Simonson     715.394.8530

DOUGLAS     Superior Daily Telegram     Shelley Nelson     715.395.5050

DOUGLAS     UW Stinger     715.394.8335

DUNN Dunn County News     Barbara Lyon     715.235.3411

DUNN     Stoutonia     715.232.2272

EAU CLAIRE     Eau Claire Leader Telegram Don Huebscher     715.833.9200

EAU CLAIRE     UWEC Spectator     715.836.4416

EAU CLAIRE     WEUX TV 48 (Fox)     John Hoffland     715.831.2548

EAU CLAIRE     WQOW TV 18 (ABC) Lisa Patrow     715.835.1881

EAU CLAIRE     WUEC FM 89.7 (NPR)     Dean Kallenbach     715.839.3868

FLORENCE     Florence Mining News     Hank Murphy     715.528.3276

FOND DU LAC     Campbellsport News     Andrea Hansen-Abler     920.533.8338

FOND DU LAC  Ripon Commonwealth Press     Ian Stepelton     920.748.3017

GRANT     Boscobel Dial       David Krier     608.375.4458

GRANT     Fennimore Times     Correne Morgan     608.822.3912

GRANT     Platteville Journal        Dan Wackbershauser     608.348.3006

GRANT Tri-County Press     Stephanie Schroeder     608.744.2107

GRANT UW Platteville Exponent     608.342.1471

GRANT Grant County Herald Independent         David Timmerman     608.723.2151

GREEN     Monroe Times Jeff Rogers     608.328.4202

JACKSON     Jackson County Chronicle     Matthew Perenchio     715.284.0085

JEFFERSON     Daily Jefferson County Union     Randall Dullum     920.563.5553

JEFFERSON     Lake Mills Leader   Randy Radke     920.648.2334

JEFFERSON     Waterloo Courier Amber Gerber     920.478.2188

JEFFERSON     Watertown Daily Times     Tom Schultz     920.261.5161

JUNEAU     Juneau County Star-Times     Rhonda Siebecker     608.847.7341

KENOSHA     Daily Kenoshan  Lisa Loring     800.493.3139

KENOSHA     Kenosha News    Karl Frederick     262.657.1000

KENOSHA     WGTD FM 91.1 (NPR) David McGrath     262.564.3800

KEWAUNEE     Kewaunee County News   Patti Rasmussen     920.388.3175

LA CROSSE     Coulee News     Randy Erickson     608.786.1950

LA CROSSE     La Crosse Area Visitor Magazine Sandy Clark     608.784.3999

LA CROSSE     La Crosse Foxxy Shopper  John Smalley     608.785.7355

LA CROSSE     Onalaska Holmen Courier Life Randy Erickson     608.786.1950

LA CROSSE     Second Supper   Adam Bissen     608.782.7001

LA CROSSE     UWLAX Racquet     608.785.8378

LA CROSSE     WKBT TV 8 (CBS) Anne Paape     608.782.4678

LA CROSSE     WLAX TV 25 (Fox)     Jeff Hoffland     608.781.0025

LA CROSSE     WLSU FM 88.9 (NPR)  John Davis     608.785.8380

LA CROSSE     La Crosse Tribune John Smalley     608.782.9710

LAFAYETTE     Darlington Republican Journal     Hillary Dickerson     608.776.4425

LANGLADE     Antigo Daily Journal     Fred A. Berner     715.623.4191

LINCOLN     Merrill Foto News Colin Lueck     715.536.7121

LINCOLN     Tomahawk Leader Kathy Tobin     715.453.2151

MANITOWOC     Herald Times Reporter     Steve Reed     920.684.4433

MARATHON     Abbotsford Tribune Phonograph    Peter Weinschenk     715.223.2342

MARATHON     Record Review     Pete Weinschenk     715.223.2342

MARATHON     WAOW TV 9 (ABC) Randy Winter     715.842.2251

MARATHON     WFXS TV 55 (Fox)     Robert Raff     715.847.1155

MARATHON     WLBL FM 91.9 (NPR)  Rick Reyer     715.261.6298

MARATHON     WSAW TV 7 (CBS) Susan Ramsett     715.845.4211

MARATHON     WYOW TV 34 (ABC)     Randy Winter     715.477.2020

MARATHON     Associated Press (AP) Wausau Wisconsin      Robert Imrie     715.842.2728

MARINETTE     Peshtigo Times     Charlie Garden     715.582.4541

MARINETTE     Marinette Eagle Herald     Terri Lescelius     715.735.6611

MARQUETTE     Marquette County Tribune   Mary Faltz     608.297.2424

MILWAUKEE     Business Journal of Milwaukee    Mark Kass     414.278.7788

MILWAUKEE     Milwaukee Magazine     Bruce Murphy     414.273.1101

MILWAUKEE     Milwaukee Courier  Lynda Jones     414.449.4860

MILWAUKEE     Shepherd Express (AAN)     Louis Fortis     414.276.2222

MILWAUKEE     Small Business Times Magazine     Andrew Weiland     414.277.8181

MILWAUKEE     WCGV TV 24 (MYTV)  Jim Feeley         414.442.7050

MILWAUKEE     WDJT TV 58 (CBS) Grant Uitti     414.777.5800

MILWAUKEE     WHAD FM 90.7 (NPR)  Chuck Quirmbach     414.227.2040

MILWAUKEE     Wisconsin Trails Magazine     Andrea Bahe     414.647.4742

MILWAUKEE     WISN AM 1130 (Fox)   Ken Herrera     414.545.8900

MILWAUKEE     WITI TV 6 (Fox)     Jim Lemon     414.355.6666

MILWAUKEE     WMVS TV 10 (PBS) Ellis Bromberg     414.271.1036

MILWAUKEE     WMVT TV 36 (PBS) Ellis Bromberg     414.271.1036

MILWAUKEE     WTMJ TV 4 (NBC)     Bill Berra     414.332.9611

MILWAUKEE     WVTV TV 18 (CW)            414.442.7050

MILWAUKEE     Associated Press (AP) Milwaukee Wisconsin      Roger Schneider     414.225.3580

MONROE     Sparta Herald     Pat Mulvaney     608.269.3186

MONROE     Tomah Journal   John Froelich     608.372.4123

OCONTO     Oconto County Reporter     Barbara Janesh     920.834.4242

OCONTO     Oconto County Times Herald Roger F. Shellman     920.848.3427

ONEIDA     Lakeland Times     Richard Moore     715.356.5236

ONEIDA     North Star Journal Pete Daniels     715.369.3331

ONEIDA     Rhinelander Daily News     Heather Schaefer     715.365.6397

ONEIDA     WXPR FM 91.7 (NPR) Ken Krall     715.362.6000

ONEIDA     WJFW TV 12 (NBC)     Heather Schallock     715.365.8812

OUTAGAMIE     Appleton Post-Crescent   Dan Flannery     920.773.4411

OUTAGAMIE     Kaukauna Times Villager  Brian Roebke     920.759.2000

OZAUKEE     Ozaukee County News Graphic     Jan Rockley     262.375.5100

OZAUKEE     Ozaukee Press   Bill Schanen     262.284.3494

PIERCE     Pierce County Herald     Bill Kirk     715.273.4334

PIERCE     Prescott Journal     Scalena Janis     715.262.5454

PIERCE     River Falls Journal     Phil Pfuehler     715.425.1561

PIERCE     UW River Falls Student Voice     715.425.3118

PIERCE     WRFW FM 88.7     Rick Burgsteiner     715.425.3886

POLK Inter County Leader    Gary B. King     715.327.4236

POLK     Osceola Sun     Carter Johnson     715.294.2314

PORTAGE     Portage County Gazette     Gene Kemmeter     715.343.8045

PORTAGE     Stevens Point Journal     Linda Taylor     715.344.6100

PORTAGE     UW Pointer     715.346.2249

PRICE Park Falls Herald     Kenneth Dischler     715.762.4940

PRICE     Phillips Bee     Sue Mergen     715.339.3036

RACINE     Burlington Standard Press  Ed Nadolski     262.763.3511

RACINE     Racine Journal Times   Tom Farley     262.634.3322

RACINE     Racine Pennysaver     Randolf D. Brandt         262.634.3322

ROCK     Beloit College Round Table              608.363.2475

ROCK     Beloit Daily News     William R. Barth     608.365.8811

ROCK     Journal & Footville News     George E. Stewart     608.879.2211

ROCK     Milton Courier     Doug Welch     608.868.2442

ROCK     Independent Register     Gary Rosendahl     608.897.2193

RUSK     Ladysmith News  John Terrill     715.532.5591

RUSK WJBL FM 93.1     715.532.5588

RUSK WLDY AM 1340     715.532.5588

SAINT CROIX     Central Saint Croix News     Michele DeLong Lyksett     715.796.2356

SAINT CROIX     Hudson Star Observer     Douglas Stohlberg     715.386.9333

SAINT CROIX New Richmond News     Jeff Holmquist     715.246.6881

SAUK     Baraboo News Republic     Brendan Leonard     608.356.4808

SAUK     Reedsburg Times Press     Emily Bialkowski     608.524.4336

SAUK Sauk Prairie Eagle     Jennifer Gray     608.643.0118

SHAWANO     Shawano Leader  Kent Tempus     715.526.2121

SHEBOYGAN     Plymouth Review    Barry S. Johanson     920.893.6411

SHEBOYGAN     Sheboygan Press     Mike Knuth     920.457.7711

SHEBOYGAN     Random Lake Sounder     Gary Feider     920.994.9244

TAYLOR     Medford Star News   Brian Wilson     715.748.2626

TREMPEALEAU     Galesville Republican     Sally A. Miller     608.582.2330

VERNON     Vernon County Broadcaster     Matt Johnson     608.637.3137

VILAS News Review    Kurt Krueger     715.479.4421

VILAS Vilas County News Review    Kurt Krueger     715.479.4421

WALWORTH     Delavan Enterprise      Tom Aiello     262.728.6316

WALWORTH     Delavan Week   Dan Plutchak     262.728.5505

WALWORTH     East Troy News     Maureen Mayrand     262.642.7451

WALWORTH     Elkhorn Independent     Ed Nadolski     262.723.2250

WALWORTH     Lake Geneva Regional News Lisa Seiser     262.248.4444

WALWORTH     UW Whitewater Royal Purple     262.472.1426

WALWORTH     Walworth Times   Thom Aiello     262.275.2166

WASHBURN     Spooner Advocate Bill Thornley     715.635.2181

WASHINGTON     Washington County Daily News    Jill Badzinski     262.306.5000

WASHINGTON     Kewaskum Statesman     Andrew R. Kuehl     262.247.2547

WAUKESHA     Brookfield-Elm Grove NOW  Roger Bartel     414.224.2100

WAUKESHA     Carroll University New Perspective     262.524.7351

WAUKESHA     Franklin Now    Roger Bartel     414.224.2100

WAUKESHA     Greendale Now   Roger Bartel     414.224.2100

WAUKESHA     Hales Corners Now     Jennifer Pfaff     414.224.2100

WAUKESHA     Muskego NOW     Jennifer Pfaff     414.224.2100

WAUKESHA     New Berlin NOW   Roger Bartel     262.446.6627

WAUKESHA     Oconomowoc Enterprise Kevin Passon     262.567.5511

WAUKESHA     Oconomowoc Focus  Scott Peterson     262.567.0885

WAUKESHA     South Shore NOW     Roger Bartel     414.224.2100

WAUKESHA     Waukesha Freeman     Bill Yorth     262.542.2501

WAUKESHA     Kettle Moraine Index     Scott Peterson     262.367.3272

WAUKESHA     Lake Country Reporter    Scott Peterson     262.367.3272

WAUKESHA     Oak Creek Pictorial     Jennifer Pfaff     262.317.4222

WAUKESHA     Sussex Sun     Scott Peterson     262.367.3272

WAUPACA     Clintonville Tribune Gazette    Tim Biemal     715.823.3151

WAUPACA     Iola Herald / Manawa Advocate     Trey Foerester     715.445.3415

WAUPACA     Lawrentian     920.832.6768

WAUPACA     New London Press Star  John Faucher     920.982.4321

WAUPACA     Wisconsin State Farmer     Carla Gunst     715.258.5546

WAUSHARA     Waushara Argus  Mary Kunosch     920.787.3334

WINNEBAGO     Oshkosh Northwestern     Stewart Rieckman     920.235.7700

WINNEBAGO     UW Oshkosh Advance Titan     920.424.3048

WINNEBAGO     WOSH AM 1490     Jonathan Krause     920.236.1050

WOOD     Marshfield News Herald     Jonathan Gneiser     715.384.3131

WOOD     Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune   Allen Hicks     715.423.7200

Lakeland College Mirror     920.565.1316

Marquette Tribune     414.288.5610

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel     George Stanley     414.224.2919

UWM Post     414.229.4578

WISN TV 12 (ABC)     Susy Quinones     414.342.8812

WTMJ AM 620     Jon Byman     414.967.5310

WUWM FM 89.7 (NPR) Dave Edwards     414.227.3355

Janesville Gazette   Scott W. Angus     608.754.3311

Wisconsin Lawyer Magazine     Karle Lester     608.257.3838

Wisconsin Natural Resources Magazine     David Sperling     608.266.1510

Madison Capital Times     Chris Murphy     608.252.6400

Wisconsin State Journal     John Smalley     608.252.6100

Business Watch     Amanda Wegner     608.274.5200

Dane County Lifestyles Magazine     Georgia Beaverson     608.274.5200

Madison Magazine     Brennan Nardi     608.270.3600

Madison Catholic Herald    Mary C. Uhler     608.821.3070

Wisconsin Woman Magazine   Debra Illingworth Greene     608.274.5200

Green Bay Press Gazette     John Dye     920.435.4411

WTAQ AM 1360 (CBS)     Danielle Bina     920.435.3771

WFRV TV 5 (CBS) Lee Hatter     920.437.5411

Merrill Courier Jeff Hovind     715.536.5843

Wausau City Pages (AAN)   Tammy Stezenski     715.845.5171

Wausau Daily Herald     Mark F. Baldwin     715.842.2101

Country Today Jim Massey     715.833.9270

WEAU TV 13 (NBC) Raji Alowairdi     715.835.1313

Action Advertiser     Scott Wittchow     920.922.8640

Fond Du Lac Reporter    Avi Stern     920.922.4600

WXOW TV 19 (ABC) Sean Dwyer     507.895.9969

Miltown Source Magazine    J. Gee

3 thoughts on “Contact The Press

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  2. I would respectfully ask that you update this story. The mining bill is, unfortunately, now law. What can an average citizen do? Please follow up with legitimate ways we can get media coverage. Thank you.

    • You can write editorials, talk to your neighbors, contact the Penokee Hills Education Project and get some materials to send to your representatives and senators, call the press yourself. There are many ways we are joining together to stand strong against this. If you are on Facebook join the Concerned Citizens about a mine in the Penokees and there you will find all kinds of ideas, support and valuable information. Come to Harvest Camp (see the posts on how to get there), come to a Bad River pot luck the first Friday of every month.

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