Water Walkers Arriving at Red Cliff and on to Madeline Island

100_1002Red Cliff Community Invitation

Josephine Mandamin, Water Walker

Josephine Mandamin, Water Walker

Sacred Water Walk 2015: Aug 31st-September 2nd

Pipes will be smoked, sharing of traditions, traditional stories and nightly drumming, fun for all.

This Walk is to raise awareness of the abuse, misuse, and profiting of our precious fresh water.

Any and all are invited to participate!

Monday August 31
Walk from Duluth to Port Wing

Tuesday September 1
Walk from the Port Wing exit at US 2/Hwy 13 to Red Cliff
Starting around 4 am-arriving in Red Cliff anywhere from 3 pm-6 pm

Red Cliff requests community to gather locally at the pow wow grounds/clinic on Highway 13 to greet walkers and walk to the convention center together.

tylerforksCommunity FEAST ( around 4 pm or so)
Please join Red Cliff in welcoming Josephine Mandamin and all the sacred water walkers to honor the water at Legendary Waters Convention Center.

Wednesday September 2
Walkers will board the 6:30 am ferry to Madeline Island.
Community is welcome to travel with this early morning group on the ferry at no cost /based on space available.
Community is welcome to attend as activities will continue on the Island.

Red Cliff  Tribal Administration (715-779-3700) will coordinate volunteers for transportation shuttles for those that want to participate in the walk.

Photo: Great Lakes Indian Fish & Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC)

For ferry tickets for later in the day: call tribal administrator as tickets are
available for community to participate in island ceremonies


  • Call the Red Cliff Tribal Administration at 715-779-3700.
  • Volunteers will be needed 12-14 hours per day to cover our commitment to this Sacred Water Walk.
  • We need commitment from drivers ASAP so please let us know you are interested.
  • We will be scheduling for 4 vans throughout events.
  • Red Cliff is requesting the use of containers for water that will be gathered from Raspberry Bay for participants and feast. If you have a container, drop off at tribal admin (put your name on it so we can get it back to you).
  • Requesting pipe carriers, medicine keepers, staff carriers, drummers, dancers, & Red Cliff Royalty participate in Tuesdays events being hosted by Red Cliff.
  • Child care assistance is needed to support our parents who want to participate.
  • Volunteers are needed to support participants
  • The Tribal Nation and Red Cliff Programs and Services, Red Cliff community sponsors, Bayfield Chamber, GLIFWC, Madeline Island Chamber and numerous individuals are working together to support local participation in the Sacred Water Walk on our Lake Superior shores this week.
  • Coordination of volunteers (by volunteers) and services will be conducted from the Red Cliff Tribal Administration building.

On protocol:
Although all walkers are welcome, the women are to carry the water. Appropriately, women should wear a long skirt/dress.
Men can support our women by walking with them.
All participants will be smudged before participating.
Red Cliff  Tribal Admin (715-779-3700)

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