Wisconsin Geological Survey shows grunerite, one of the most toxic forms of asbestos, is present on and near the proposed mine site.

Wisconsin Geological Survey shows grunerite, one of the most toxic forms of asbestos, is present on and near the proposed mine site.

On August 15, 2013 the DNR will hold a public hearing at Hurley High School from 10 AM to 8 PM to hear public testimony about issuing a bulk sampling permit to GTac. Those who cannot make the hearing have until September 3 to mail or email testimony.

Mail to:
Larry Lynch, DNR
101 S. Webster Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53707


Listed below are some talking points. Read the articles and watch the short video to learn why we reject this mining law as illegal and immoral, and why we must reject GTac’s bulk sample permit, for the sake of our children, and our land, air and water.

Why There Will Be No Mine

Asbestos and Cancer: GTac claims there is no asbestos in the Penokee Hills, a well-documented fact.

GTAC Lies About Asbestos In The Penokee Hills

GTac left a mess behind from their core drilling

Death Threats and Paramilitary Distract from GTacs Dirty Little Secrets

Being Defrauded by GTac: GTac has lied to the public since the beginning and is still lying
We demand that businesses abide by the law, and county agencies enforce the law.

GTAC’s Militia Allowed to Operate Outside the Law in Wisconsin

Mining Company Has No Answers for Iron County Residents

Iron County Residents Concerned about Land Lease to Mining Company



  1. I personally know how “open-pit” mining impacts a town, city, the land. My husband worked in Aurora, MN only for 60-days then he was laid off. He then was called to work in Eveleth, MN which only lasted 5-years. After that lay-off his next call-back was 10 yrs. later. He equated it to working in “Hell”…was almost killed twice, & had a strong Union, yet working conditions were poor. The tailings on his clothes were as thick as mud & the AMA-has supported the fact that people who worked in the “taconite” mines stand a 70% chance increase of Mesothelomia- a deadly lung cancer. And as far as the surrounding area booming….not really. The surrounding town’s were filled with old run-down housing. The view from one town to the next was like looking @ a “cancer” on the Earth..almost like an alien-planet. Governor Scott Walker – shoved a gutted-mining law down our throats, without any care or concern or voice from the residents who live here. The connecting of dots in this whole mess goes from Scott Walker to The Koch brothers – to Chris Cline, who lives in a 37,000 sq. ft. mansion on the gulf of Florida, who has been in violation of pollution to the evnironment for millions of dollars on a mine’s he has opened only 3yrs. ago. People need to read, look & learn…this will be a Toxic mess, to our water, land, air, wildlife. GTac is a a “Wolf-in-sheep’s clothing”!

    • Thank you so much for sharing Patricia and I am so sorry about your situation. We will all stand strong united in defense of our water, which will also defend our health, our towns, and our economies. Stand strong!

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