8 thoughts on “The New Face of the Penokee Hills

  1. the army grab is an intimidation ploy only doubt the gun is loaded, but the sheer fact they are doing this is disgusting and indicative of their mind set…they are just begging for someone to get in their face!I say ignore them…let them get hyperthermia ! looks like they are trashing the land too…thanks for the photos will share …

    • I agree that this is an intimidation ploy, Cathy…but common sense and a lifetime of training tells me to urge you; always consider every gun you see to be loaded.

  2. It’s terrifying to consider but the comparisons between open pit mining in the U.S. and in the Caribbean … mining + polluted, dirty water = disease and devastation ….should be pursued and analyzed. I was just reading about the lack of clean water in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. What caused it, who benefits, and how the crimes are perpetuated…

    With privatized military on hand to suppress local reaction, the instigators in charge of both causing the disasters and ameliorating them, public attention and focus is distracted by irrelevant or completely inaccurate information.

    Two good links:

    http://www.ezilidanto.com/zili/2012/12/un-capitalizing-on-cholera-playing-arsonists-and-firemen/ ….


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