VIDEO: Former DNR Secretary Speaks at Iron County Citizen’s Forum on Mining Ordinance

On June 27, 2013, former DNR Secretary and current Executive Director of the Wisconsin Wildlife Federation George Meyer spoke to a group of concerned citizens to help prepare them for a public hearing concerning the first draft of a metallic mining amendment to the Iron County zoning ordinance. Hosted by the Iron County Citizen’s Forum, Meyer spent two hours speaking and answering questions on the ramifications of mining and the necessity of local ordinances to protect the county from escalating costs and risks involved in permitting a 22-mile open pit mountaintop removal mine.

Meyer’s extensive experience with permitting mines during his tenure at the DNR was invaluable in helping citizens realize the burden that local units of government will be forced to take on if a mine of this size is permitted.

The public hearing will be held Monday, July 1, 2013 at 6 PM at the Memorial Center in Hurley.

Read the report of the meeting at the Woods Person Blog here. Or watch Meyer’s presentation below.

For more information on the Iron County Citizen’s Forum please contact Terry Daulton at 715-476-3530.

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