Complaint Filed Against GTAC Bill Williams

GTac President Bill Williams after Ashland County passed their metallic mining zoning ordinance

GTac President Bill Williams after Ashland County passed their metallic mining zoning ordinance

Earlier today, after the Ashland County Board passed a metallic mining zoning ordinance 18 to 1, GTac President Bill Williams allegedly ripped a citizen’s cell phone from his hands as he was recording.

According to David Joe Bates, he was listening and recording a discussion with Ashland County Administrator Jeff Beril on some issues about the ordinance when Williams ripped his phone out of his hand.

“I filed a complaint with the Ashland City police. We’ll see what happens next,” said Bates. “I took it right back and told you better not ever touch me again!”

GTac filed their preapplication notification on Monday before the Iron County Zoning Committee met to discuss their new metallic mining ordinance. Apparently, the mining company rushed to file in an attempt to circumvent the new zoning ordinances both counties are putting into place.

Last Tuesday, when someone snatched a phone from a drilling site observer, Gtac referred to them as “Al Queda” and “eco-terrorists.”

Below is a video of Bill Williams, speaking at an event in Ashland in early 2011, assuring the audience that they will not be changing any of the then-current mining laws of the state. As it turned out, he and GTAC were in the process of writing the new mining bill even as he spoke.

UDW believes that the real eco-terrorists are GTac, who have lied to the people of northern Wisconsin throughout the entire process, and who will destroy not only the Bad River Watershed with their proposed 22-mile open pit mountaintop removal iron ore mine in the Penokee Hills, but perpetrate the genocide of the Bad River Tribe of Lake Superior Chippewa, whose reservation is only six miles from the proposed mine site.

8 thoughts on “Complaint Filed Against GTAC Bill Williams

  1. You said GTAC “didn’t want to stay where it was not wanted”. Let me say it again, because apparently you’re a bit SLOW: G E T O U T!!!! W E D O N T W A N T Y O U R
    S T I N K I N G M I N E !!!! Got it now?

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  3. If we had not gone into space we would not have the computer yet. Bill Gates took advantage of that.
    Ever see the open pit mines in Wyoming? Can’t tell any impact.
    What about all the Iron the car industry uses? That helped change America.
    Who is hiring in the North Woods? Everyone just hire one extra person and we won’t need people on welfare.
    New technologies will follow to purify water and get rid of the impurities that are killing fish, such as all the salt cities dump in the streams and rivers every winter.
    Let’s make the government follow the same rules as us puppets have to follow.
    Let’s keep moving Wisconsin Forward!

    • Not sure where you live Tom. With an email address like OutbackTom, I imagine you could reside in Australia? If that were the case, then I can clearly understand you have no idea what you are talking about.

      Have you ever been to the area? If you have not, peruse the site and educate yourself on the conditions of our state GOP Tea Party fascist legislators who deserted the people of Wisconsin (paid off by the mining company to pass the frightening new mining bill that THE MINING COMPANY AUTHORED that would legal allow our area to be sacrificed to the great god of iron ore and corporate rule).

      Also please post proof of the above mentioned technology because I believe you are living in a dream world, wishing for something that can’t be. The Bad River Watershed is a world class system of waterways that serve hundreds of thousands of square miles around Lake Superior. It had been designated with a special classification so the precious wetlands would not get harmed, until the same legislators, using the power of majority to pass laws that contradiction the will of the people and benefit the corporations, passed AB 24, the new wetlands destruction bill that took away all those protections for our pristine watershed. And with the new mining law stripping us of all the rest of the protections, we here in Wisconsin have been sold down the river by corporate lackeys.

      Then go to this page, and listen carefully to the video of area elected officers explaining why this mine will kill our area. GTAC Dollar Bill Williams could care less about the health and safety of our communities.

      Have you ever heard of genocide? Because that’s what a 22 mile open pit mountaintop removal iron ore mine would do to Bad River tribe, and, actually, all the rest of us, as they try and turn Wisconsin into West Virginia.

      No sorry, there will be no mine. End of story.

    • Check TAC’s record in other states where they have numerous violations, fines, pollution of resources, etc… that they completely ignore. If they had a honest track record, maybe this would work. The greed they exhibit for such a short term return, yet long term destruction of a pristine areas is way too risky. Check their records!

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