80 Hikers Visit Mine Drill Site Guarded by Local Police

Yesterday, approximately 80 hikers made the trek from LCO Harvest Camp up to the site of exploratory drilling taking place in the Penokee Hills. It was a peaceful event and hikers got to meet about 14 police officers from five different jurisdictions who were guarding GTAC, the mining corporation’s interests. There were no incidents, and hikers returned to Harvest Camp for some food and conversation. Photos: Ros Nelson

5 thoughts on “80 Hikers Visit Mine Drill Site Guarded by Local Police

  1. FYI, when I asked an officer, he estimated that there were 20 police on duty. Also sourced from the police– these 5 jurisdictions (PUBLIC MONEY) were guarding GTAC (PRIVATE CORPORATION): Price, Ashland, Vilas and Iron Counties and the Town of Hurley.

    • Why are these companies not affording their own security??? But I am very glad there was a great turn out for the weekend!! I hope to be there July 5th thru the weekend

      • That is what we would like the residents of those five jurisdictions to ask their town or county boards about. Maybe Ros will list the towns that send squads.

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