Ashland County New Zoning Ordinance Meeting

A Public Hearing regarding the draft of a proposed zoning ordinance regarding metallic mineral mining and reclamation will be held at the Ashland County Courthouse on June 13, 2013, at 9:00 AM. The text of the draft is available HERE.

One thought on “Ashland County New Zoning Ordinance Meeting

  1. Yes I held a hazmat card for many years was traing through a Union workshop in wisconsin. Many hazmat things are put in place in most construction areas. silk fence hay rocks redirection of flows into lesser water ways. machinery must be in place at all times Just resurface black top great things are done and in place to insure quality proper weok is done to protect wild life areas. I live 60 feet from bAD RIVER IN OLD ODANAH.aND I HOPE THAT EVERYTHING IS IN PLACE SO BIRDS FISH ETC ARE millions of dollars may be needed to fix and pay out damages to homes and losses of human consumtion etc of our great wild life areas. all these things should be in place at the start of drilling No matter what the state has in place to give in to to Company free will our tribe has fed protection from our BIA and Treaty obligations. and I would hope the companys that are digging no the penalities for not having stuff in place. if a robin picks up a worm that is poision and feeds it too her babys an kills it who pays for that.I recall my dad giving some kids hell about sling shots and shooting birds. well unk sam may just have to do the same only thing Money may be the holloring good night Chief Whitebird.

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