Red Cliff Mining Task Force

Red Cliff Mining Task Force will hold a free public forum March 28, 4 PM – 7 PM at the Legendary Waters Casino in Red Cliff. The public is welcome

100_1002Invocation – Frank Montano

Lake Song – Richard Lafernier

Presentation on Federal Mining Permits in Minnesota – Sara Wroblewski (5 – 10 min)

History of Wisconsin Mining Bill – Chad Abel (5 min)

Overview of Proposed Penokee Mine – Jacob Maas (5 – 10 min)

Community Action: What you can do – Tony Corbine (5 – 10 min)

Blessing the Food – Leo Lafernier

MEAL – Hot turkey sandwiches, chips, potluck items and refreshments


Schedule Next Task Force Meeting with Community

Traveling Song – Richard Lafernier

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