Water is Life


Eagle on the ice of Lake Superior

Water. Life. We can’t have one without the other.

Tomorrow, the Wisconsin legislature will pass SB1/AB1, a devastating mining bill that was written by GTAC, a mining company that seeks to build a 22-mile mountaintop removal open-pit iron ore mine in the middle of the Bad River watershed on the shores of Lake Superior.

We have fought against this bill, in a different incarnation, since GTAC arrived in our area to begin the sales pitch of how this mine will be the answer to all our woes. Nothing could be further from the truth.

United in Defense of the Water stands against the legislation, as well as a mine in the Penokee Hills. Further, we stand against anything that will harm the water, which in turn is our life.

Please join United in Defense of the Water by signing up to be a part of this historic coalition. Explore the site and educate yourself on the issues. Find an action you can take to help defend our water. Educate your friends and family who love Lake Superior as much as we do. Then oppose SB1/AB1 by contacting legislators and tell them no.

Tell them, there will be no mine. End of story.
Kind Regards,
Lake Superior

ACTION ALERT: The Assembly will vote on AB1 Thursday March 7, 2013. Do not allow them to move forward this legislation without knowing the overwhelming opposition to it.

#1 Occupy the gallery if you are in the area. Bear witness to action, and see for yourself how many State Representatives have sold Wisconsin resources out.

#2 Email, call tweet and text your legislators this link:
with the following message:
SUBJECT: press conference with elected officials from Northern Wisconsin re: mining
Dear ______:
Ashland, Washburn, Bayfield, La Pointe, Red Cliff, Bad River and the entire Lake Superior basin say NO MINE. VOTE NO to AB1 or open the door to the destruction of northern Wisconsin.

#3: Email and call the press and ask why they have not covered this story.

See all the evidence here


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